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How long are you going to wait?

A change for the best is possible.

Are you ready to start your own dream business and do something that sets your soul on fire full-time and inspire others?

The Lord has opened a door for you

This is a decision that you can make that will change your life for the best.

In Jeremiah 29:11

The Lord wants you succeed in all areas of your life, your business , your finances, your health, relationship and everything in your life.

In Hebrews 11:1 it says that “faith is the confidence in which we hope for , The assurance about hings we do not see”

This program is an invitation for you to take you to a new height that you have hoped for to thrive full time.

BE READY to say “osta la vista” baby (goodbye) to your old life and hello to the best you and every aspect of you.

This amazing program is for you! The only whole life coaching program for entrepreneurs

Spiritual and success systems with guidance to take you to who you want to be.

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• Is it a struggle for you to attract to clients?

• Do you want new clients?

• Are you noticing that potential clients are slipping through your finger?

• Are your clients not referring enough clients.

• Are you loosing money because you cant follow through

• Are you overwhelmed because you doing everything yourself

• Are you frustrated because you are doing too many things and don't feel productive

• Do you often struggle asking the right questions to close the deal

• Do you wish you could find out how to do all this?

• Are you frustrated by not knowing what to do and where to start?

• Do you want to save more money and make more more more

• Do you want to have freedom in your business

Rock your business & profits

Finally a virtual online training program delivering a complete step by step system to help you promote and grow your business

Rock you r business and profits gives you n entire years worth of business knowledge – know how covering a solid plan of online and offline strategies handed to you by easy-to – implement weekly lessons

You will learn up-to-date, proven strategies , tools and tactics so you can move past the hurdles and overwhelming feeling of growing a business and accelerate success

Inside this brochure you'll find a full curriculum outline, Best of all Dulci created Rock Your Business And Profits Our curriculum is designed to help you grow your business less than 40 minutes a day.

There are so many benefits even besides the strong training content. You;ll enjoy live calls with your mentor , a thriving private online discussion forum, a library of Rock your business success guides and many more.

Keep reading on to learn all we have in store for you as a new Rock your business and profits member. Welcome to the evolution of your new beginning.

SO....Exactly who is Rock your business & profits?

This was created to deliver marketing and business strategies that will work for your type of business- no matter what field you are in so you are in good company. Our clients around the world come from a variety of industries which makes for a robust program that is rich with fresh ideas being exchanged on a continual basis.

• Authors & Speakers

• Life Coaches

• Business Consultants

• Autism experts

• Chiropractors

• Florists

• Bloggers

• Christian Coaches

• Jewelry Designers

• Financial Planners

• Copy writers

• Interior Designers

• Professional Organizers

• Law of Attraction Coaches

• Real Estate Professionals

• Event Planners

• Sales Experts

• Network Marketers

• Marriage Counselors

• Spa Owners

• Publishers

• Raw food Experts

• Interior Decorators

• Researchers

• Marketing Consultants

• Image Consultants

• Lawyers

• Nutritionist

• Health Coaches

• Skin Care Product Creators

• Toy Designers

• Executive Coaches

and many more....

Join Rock your Business & Profits and dive into your very first “how to” marketing training . A rich online library of success guides and a vibrant community of like minded entrepreneurs. Its happening now. Want more personalized attention step up to tear one.

For committed business owners whose new venture is less than one year old and is ready to take off.

Currently in start-up or exploration stages and need clear direction determining niche, identifying marketing message and creating a solid income foundation. Your objective: Identifying and implementing your fastest, simplest paths and profits.

Tier One

• I need clarity about my life's purpose

• I'm interested in becoming an entrepreneur

• I have a few ideas and I don't know where to start

• I am working full time and I want to excel in my industry

• I am ready to step out and get started with my dream business

• I am ready to make more money

• I have a lot to offer my clients and am ready to make more money

• I'm not implementing quickly enough to get more clients

• I realize that I need a coach and a mentor to get me where I need to be

Tear one of Rock your business and profits

With this you will go below the surface to find out what you really want in life The year long program guides you to know your purpose, passion to achieve optimum success.

Generate consistent income and getting more clients. You will learn a proven marketing system to increase your clientele and sales quickly.

You will learn on how to launch your business. Build a very basic business foundation. Get clear on what you want for your business. Get clear on your purpose. Get crystal clear on your ideal client. Build your online presence. Develop business solutions to make money 24/7. Develop products to leverage your business.

Here is just a few step by step topics in detail

Determine who will buy and also what they will buy Stop guessing what to sell and what not to sell by learning keyword research, competitive analysis, offline focus groups. Determine the exact words people are searching for and what makes them WANT to buy.

Choosing your client Niche
Learn how to identify your ideal customer and where to find them online and offline.

What to buy and how to sell it
Design a marketing message that will get potential clients to respond to them, by means of both verbal and written.

Positioning, Pricing & Planning for profits
Determine the position in the marketplace and create income projections for a year.

Creating multiple streams of income
Learn which income based sources are most viable for your business.

Setting up a website that sells for you
Turns leads to potential clients and customers by bringing in sales on a regular basis that is simple to create and manage.

Sale systems that do all the work
Sell without being “too much” - this is just one of the methods that will increase your sales by 30%.

Personal Marketing Strategies
Just being your improved self you can attract new clients and customers by speaking, networking and live events.

Build you list online
Learn all ways to capture losing clients and increase your inline conversation by 50%

“Insider Tricks” to boost your online sales
Fun part and ways in learning how to increase online sales at no extra cost.

Free social media strategies
Strategy with social media is key. From platforms ranging from Facebook and twitter, instagram etc Building trust and growing your client list.

Easy email marketing
Email is still the no1 way we communicate. Maximize this at a very low cost using simple tools and techniques.

Turn your website into a serious traffic magnet
Learn different ways to bring thousands of visitors to your website

Nearly all elevate training strategies you will learn by costing little to nothing to implement. By starting with a limited budget you will discover many options to move forward.

Tier Two

For expanding Entrepreneurs For the driven business owner who needs guidance on growth strategies , building team and systems and leveraging income opportunities.

This level is for entrepreneurs who seek to expand their business. It is for those entrepreneurs who has done Tear one with me and who seek to expand their business. It is for those who have experienced a degree of success and are doing all the work themselves. You are with an overloaded to do list You are ready to start trading dollars and hours and start bringing passive income.

You seek more systems to scale your business You wanted upgraded marketing and branding techniques ti increase exposure and leverage your abilities


• I need help creating freedom

• My business is doing well

• I have worked with you on Tear one

• Its time for me to hire help to expand my business

• I am ready to start trading dollars


• I need new marketing strategies and systems to create brand awareness

• I seek new ideas to create multiple streams of income

• This level will help you to create new business model and scale your business so that you can bypass the burnout

This Level

• You need effective systems and new mind set training to get out if your own way so that your business can expand.

• On this level this focus will be on multiplying your personal productivity with proven systems

Here is where a lot of business systems will be revealed.

Maximize your income with numerous resources and opportunities to make your business boom

Once you discover how to loosen the reigns a little and allow others to help you , you can direct your attention o creating more passive income by leveling your sales and services you will finally have the time to enjoy the rewards of your hard work and enjoy the freedom that comes with your success.

Outsource more and build a care workforce so that you can increase your productivity and stress less. Drive traffic to your website , fill your pipeline with ideal clients and convert prospects into paying clients Gain more exposure with personal branding Think and act like a 7 figure business owner.

Tier One and Tier Two Bonuses

Here are the bonuses and benefits you will access as a UTHRIVE Business Mastery client'

• 52 Audio Recordings

• Calls – You will have access to weekly calls where your coach and fellow members give you the chance to directly ask them questions about your business and marketing strategy. You will receive feedback at no charge.

• Online Library success guides – members have access to an online library of success guides, each covering the business mastery such as list building, time management and productivity, copy-writing, team-building, legal and financial setup, product creation and more.

• Rock your Business & Profits quickstart guide – The quick-start guide will give you key strategies to get off to a strong start and begin increasing your income as soon as possible.

• U Thrive online forum – Increase your network and your net-worth by interacting with other members around the world.

• Online leadership training - 52 PDF's and freebies. How to master your mindsets. Bonus audios that shares personal experiences and lessons so YOU can better handle the obstacles that lie in your path to success. Topics include Overcoming fear as an entrepreneur, How to handle criticism as you grow your business, UP-Level Chaos, What to expect when you sign up.

Tier Three

For the self directed ambitious business owner-leader, generating $250K+ per year and running current business for at least 3 years. Clear on brand , offerings, systems and model: ready to dramatically accelerate growth and impact.

Your objective:
to scale up business for dramatic income leaps and expanding impact of mission.

This level is for entrepreneurs who want more costumed attention. Its an elite club of business owners who have mastered tier one and two and want elite access to Dulci and her team OF EXPERTS

On the Tier 3 for influencing entrepreneurs, your focus will be on multiplying your income with customized plans and strategies. You will work on specific projects according to your business need.

Club members have privacy to a lot of personal attention , one-on-one coaching and strategic business planning through Skype coaching sessions and e coaching interaction with increased access to specialized business strategy sessions with Dulci.

You are empowered to surpass your own expectations surrounding your business and financial goals with personalized strategic business profitability plan so that you can make your big impact in the world as you were meant to do while being handsomely rewarded.

You Need More Access
I am earning 5-7 figures in your business and want more customized insight throughout the year. I seek a high level mastermind experience with other top performers

On this level your focus will be on multiplying your income with customized plans & strategies you will work on specific projects according to your business needs.

• Earn 6 figures payday

• Up-level your business to double or triple your income

• Build out any part of your business that you want to focus on

• Strategize high ticket meetings

• Pitches to land large contracts

Benefits and Bonuses for Tier Three

• You have exclusive access to your coach to ask questions when you are ready.

• Meet your coach when you need help the most for 1hr strategy sessions , advice and insight.

• 24/7 Exclusive mentorship program – managing support from the entire team of experts through your coaching experience. With many yeas of expertise to draw from you can get answers to all of your burning business questions.

• You will connect, create and collaborate with other success minded entrepreneurs, who like you have taken the leap to row their business to another level.

• Finally you will have others bounce to your ideas off of, get good feedback, work together and keep one another encouraged on your entrepreneur journey. Its your very own group of “get it" people to keep you inspired.

If 2018 is the year you are ready to say goodbye to the old and hello to the highest and best YOU, your life, and your new business – then I hope you will RSVP for the journey of a lifetime.

I know in my heart that you are created for greatness Which is why I created this program for you from stuck to fire … It is possible and if your heart is calling for it … There is a reason for it! You are needed. There is someone praying for you. You've got to do this.

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