Did you know that your mind is the DOOR-KEEPER for what you will eventually do?

Proverbs 4:23 says be careful of how you think because your life is shaped by your thoughts, meaning what you focusing on is what you get.

What are you focusing on?

I am not good enough.. I can’t do this… I am a failure…. I am stupid….. I am fat….. I don’t have time….. I don’t have money….. Your most dominant thoughts cause your reality! Bad thoughts come to us on a daily basis, depressing thoughts, angry thoughts, fearful thoughts, etc But YOU have the decision to make! Are your thoughts good or bad? What thoughts are controlling you? What are your thoughts when you go to sleep at night? good or bad?

YOU can change your thoughts to be more POSITIVE.


….this basically says that you must be transformed by your renewing your mind and or your life will not change until your thoughts change.

For Example: What is your mindset on poverty? Look at Debt? Change your thoughts!

Take a piece of paper:

Write down all the negative thoughts that you think of on the left then on the right write LIE change the thoughts to positive thoughts. Whenever a negative thought enters your mind, speak to your thoughts, take every thought captive.

How do you see yourself?

Thank You and Be Blessed ALWAYS! Love Dulci
P.S. Change your thoughts, Change your life because if you don’t change your thoughts you will stay stuck…. Lies I Can’t do this I Am stupid I Don’t have money I Don’t have the time People don’t like me CHANGE THE ABOVE TO…. I CAN do this I have wisdom and Knowledge I am intelligent I create money I have more than enough money I CAN make the time I am a great communicator