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Image Consulting

An Image Consultant and Stylist is…

  • Someone who has a passion and drive for fashion
  • Someone who has the talent and skills to put different items of clothing and accessories together with a variety of colours that match to help improve a person appearance in social, personal and business situations.
  • They know what works and what doesn’t
  • They help people look better so that they can feel more confident
  • They help bring out the best in people
  • Create a positive visible improvement and transformation in their appearance
  • Helps the client to create a positive image and therefore positive impression.


Wardrobe Analysis

  • A cupboard full of clothes and nothing to wear.
  • Analyse your cupboard and see what is to keep, what is to sell and what to donate.
  • Mix and match what you have to make the clothes look its best on you.

Colour Styling


Want to know what colour best suits you and looks good on you, hair, skin tone…

Personal Style and Shopping

  • Learn to know fashion, but fashion designed for you, your body and look.
  • Learn different fabrics and patterns
  • Learn how to wear black suits and other clothes
  • Learn how to mix and match and differentiate from what suits you and what doesn’t

Personal shopping

  • Don’t know what to buy?
  • Confused when you shop?
  • Wasting money on buying clothes that don’t match and don’t look good on you? Following fashion, but it doesn’t seem to fit your personality or body-type Then….You TOTALLY need this!!
  • Make over on your appearance
  • Colour and Style
  • Makeup and Hair
  • Personality Analysis


You may be looking for improving your confidence by knowing you look and feel great all the time, by being happy with your appearance by understanding how to dress to express your personality and look your best because what you wear tells others how to treat you.

SO… How do you want to be treated?

You may be looking for:

  • Better grooming and dressing from your staff
  • A corporate identity
  • Ways to motivate yourself
  • A team building exercise
  • One to One personal image advise
  • A confidence building day
  • How to break down barriers
  • Light-heated entertainment
  • A jolly jaunt to encourage or thank your staff
  • A way forward

I can provide a colour/style/image/personal grooming/ motivation session to cover all or any of these – the choice is yours. This can run for a half or full day can be run at your premises. Events like these improve team building because they give everyone confidence in both themselves each other

Example of a corporate seminar

  • A seminar or workshop could include an or all of the following
  • First impressions – how other people make up their mind about you in the first 35 seconds (and without you saying a word) and how important this impression is to both of you and your business
  • How to demonstrate that you are a professional by the way you dress
  • Dress to suit your personality
  • How to dress when moving to corporate circles – covered meetings, presentations, interviewing, hosting events etc
  • Dressing down – the pros and cons of a business casual
  • How to build a professional wardrobe
  • Which colour to wear to look authoritative
  • Which colours to wear to appear more approachable
  • How people judge you by the length of your jacket sleeve!
  • How your choice of accessories can make or break the final impact

We can also incorporate some of the particular ideas YOU would like to get over to your staff. For instance, you may be experiencing difficulties in your workplace that are too personal for you to tackle- it’s often much easier for an outsider to talk to staff about inappropriate clothes, poor grooming, or their behaviour in a workplace. I can do that for you and at the same time get the entire group of your staff to agree on future dress and behaviour protocol.

A full day can run using any of these 3 approaches

  • A general seminar on the subjects agreed in the morning followed by personal consultations for a small number of individuals in the afternoon
  • Or a seminar for men in the morning, and a seminar for the ladies in the afternoon
  • An entire day of interactive sessions for everyone

Your staff will benefit because:

  • Good appearance leads to increased confidence
  • Which projects a positive image
  • That improves work relationships
  • which increases performance and they will have fun!

You and your company will then reap the benefits of:

  • A smart professional workplace
  • Increased performance of motivated people
  • The positive reputation of a forward thinking company who values their staff